3 Year Old Kinder


Three year old kindergarten is often your child’s first extended experience in a group situation with other children and adults, away from parents/guardians.


A typical 3-year-old kindergarten session would involve:

  • Children and parents come into the playroom.

  • Children choose from a variety of activities which can include, painting, pasting, sensory exploration, construction, dramatic play, imaginary role play, reading, puzzles, small group activities or drawing.

  • Parents leave as their children settle into the program.

  • Children enjoy free playtime inside trying various activities from the structured program with the staff and the parent on duty helping them as needed.

  • Morning Tea

  • Children then proceed outside to dig in the sandpit, climb the play equipment, build with the large blocks, splash in the water tray, construct a cubby house or use other outdoor equipment.

  • Approximately midway through the session the children enjoy a group experience. This can include movement, music, singing, drama, stories and/or group discussion about topics relevant to the children and the program.

  • Lunch time is formal. The children all sit together at the outside tables or have it “picnic style” on special mats.

  • Before home time, the children come inside for a story, singing, movement and other group activities.


This basic routine outline does alter at times according to many different variables that can arise, such as weather and curriculum design.