4 Year Old Kinder

Four-year-old Kindergarten introduces the children to a full day session and further enhances independance and the ability to make choices whilst still being in a play-based environment. Play and learning experiences become more child-directed with teacher guidance and interaction.


Typical 4-year-old kindergarten day includes:

  • Children arrive and participate in the indoor program

  • Children help to pack away

  • Group time, which varies from music/movement, discussions, stories, games. (We have show and tell later in the year)

  • Morning Tea

  • Children participate in the outdoor program

  • Short group time then morning session only children are collected by parents (11:45am)

  • Children staying for a full day have their lunch. Afternoon session children arrive at 12.45pm.

  • After lunch the children enjoy afternoon indoor activities

  • Children help pack away

  • Group time

  • Afternoon tea

  • Outdoor play and then children help to pack away outdoor equipment

  • Story time

  • Children leave when parents arrive to collect them (3.45pm)


Group Time:

There are many advantages to keeping the group of children together. It extends their ability to share and take turns of toys, activities and adult interaction. New friendships can develop, as there is a diverse group of children playing together throughout the session or full day. Existing friendships are also extended.


As a whole group both teachers can supervise and ensure that the children are involved in a variety of activities. Both teachers bring different skills and strengths to the program that creates a wider variety of experiences, enjoyment and learning opportunities for the children. Teachers working harmoniously together role model many life skills – sharing, manners, co-operation, respect, communication and equality.


Playing and working together in a kindergarten environment is important for school readiness. Children need to learn to concentrate and complete tasks as part of a whole group.


Session Times:

Each child will attend 5 x 3 hour sessions with some sessions on the same day as a full day with a lunchtime program.


When children are attending for a full day there will be time set aside for relaxation and for them to eat their lunch (brought from home).


Early Years Learning Framework:

Learning at Holy Trinity is based on meeting the needs of the individual child and the EYLF outcomes.  The environment lets children work at their own pace and level. The use of open-ended activities allows the children to experiment with materials in their own way without the expectation of a particular end product. A child may try an activity on one day and then come back to that activity on another day, reinforcing what they learnt previously or extending him or herself to use the materials in a different way.