3 Year Old Program

Three year old kindergarten is often your child’s first extended experience in a group situation with other children and adults, away from parents/guardians.


A typical 3-year-old kindergarten session would involve...

  • Children choose from a variety of activities which can include, painting, pasting, sensory exploration, construction, dramatic play, imaginary role play, reading, puzzles, small group activities or drawing.

  • Children enjoy free playtime inside trying various activities from the structured program with the staff and the parent on duty helping them as needed.

  • Morning Tea

  • Children then proceed outside to dig in the sandpit, climb the play equipment, build with the large blocks, splash in the water tray, construct a cubby house or use other outdoor equipment.

  • Approximately midway through the session the children enjoy a group experience. This can include movement, music, singing, drama, stories and/or group discussion about topics relevant to the children and the program.

  • Lunch time is formal. The children all sit together at the outside tables or have it “picnic style” on special mats.

  • Before home time, the children come inside for a story, singing, movement and other group activities.

This basic routine outline does alter at times according to many different variables that can arise, such as weather and curriculum design.

2022 Session Times


Every Monday, From 8:30AM until 1:30PM


Every Thursday, From 8:30AM until 1:30PM

It is possible to attend both sessions per week depending on availability. Funded kindergarten is 5 hours per week. If you choose to have an extra 5 hours this would be UNFUNDED.